Wireless and Satellite Dish Installer CV Template

Telecoms equipment installers who specialize in the installation of wireless data and voice connectivities are called Wireless and Satellite Service Installers. They build and attach satellite dishes or antennas to the sides, rooftops or lawns of customers’ properties. These devices are activated and properly positioned to deliver clear lines of sight to the base stations or satellite locations. Their cable or broadband internet connectivities are then cleared for operation and tested.

Sample Wireless and Satellite Dish Installer CV Template


Paul T. Pickens

Phoenix St., Somerstown, London, UK

Phone:  020-6652-8897



To be a Wireless and Satellite Dish Installer for a large telecommunications company specializing in wireless and satellite cable or internet

Professional Experience


2004 – Present: Wireless and Satellite Dish Installer, British Telecoms, London

  • Coordinate with operations manager to get installation locations and visitation schedules for the day.
  • Survey location and preferred antenna installation site in verifying line of sight exists between there and the satellite transponder, repeater or base stations.
  • Ensure that antenna parts, components and tools to get them erected and installed are in good condition prior in visiting the client’s location.
  • Instruct customers on proper operation of antennas and peripherals installed inside the home such as set-top boxes and routers/modems.
  • Troubleshoot antenna connectivities in terms of signal strengths and reliability to sustain signal strength.

Wireless and Satellite Dish Installer Skills and Specifications

  • Must have excellent comprehension skills to follow intermediate complexity directions in cellphone repair.
  • Must have excellent physical fitness to climb structures in installing dish antennas.
  • Must have respectable proficiency in hardware technology in antennas


Cited by the BT Operations Director in 2008 and 2010 for high performance ranking in its annual employee assessment rating


2002 – 2004: Associate in Electronics, King’s College, London


Can be provided upon request