Writer CV Template

A writer is a person who writes. The writer may write any novel, story or any sort of article. A writer is required having creativity skills and proficient in expressing his thoughts. The writer should have a vast treasure trove of words to be able to use them effectively in articles. He should be able to weave a story or an article artistically and beautifully to mesmerize and enthrall the reader.

Sample Writer CV Template

Timothy Brown

Gales Road

Wales – 8574

Phone: 65-322-76

Email: timothy77@ycmail.com

Career Objective:

I am an efficient writer capable of writing good articles and stories. I have the creativity skills and have a vast knowledge of everything. I also have good communication and analytical skills. I am seeking for a job which will help me write for an international and wider platform and will help me develop my skills and expand my knowledge base.

Professional Experience:

2005-Present: Pigeon Publications

  • Wrote five short story books for children.
  • Develop articles written for the publication projects.
  • Edited and proofread articles available for publication.
  • Wrote and edited articles and content for clients based on their topic and content required.
  • Wrote and published three books under the banner of the publication house.

Educational Qualification:

2000-2003: Bachelors in English, College of Arts Studies.

2003-2005: Masters in English, College of Arts Studies.




Professional reference will be added upon request.