Zoo Keeper CV

A zoo keeper is a worker in a zoo responsible for maintenance and feeding of animals. They have to take care of the animals, their health and living habits. He is a person who has to manage animals that are kept for conservation or to be displayed in public.

They work closely with the animals and have responsibilities to maintain the health and well being of the animal. Apart from that, I have a good experience of working with animals.

Zoo Keeper CV Template

Daniel Fawn

Frost Road

Germany – 8574

Phone: 644-33-456

Email: daniel77@ycmail.com

Career Objective:

I am an experienced professional zoo keeper looking for an opportunity in the field where I can develop my skills and work for the well being and development of animals. I have good organizational skills and can work well to maintain the animals and their habitual surroundings. I have a good knowledge of natural history, zoology and animal husbandry as well as the behavioral analysis of animals.

Professional Experience:

2007-Present: Marvel Zoo

  • Provided animal care to the animals.
  • Maintained cleanliness of the animals as well as their living habituated enclosure.
  • Maintained routine check ups for accessing the well health of the animals.
  • Prepared diet of the animals.
  • Kept records and check up records of the new animals assigned as well as the regular animals present there.

Educational Qualifications:

2002-2005: Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Science Study College.

2005-2007: Masters of Science in Zoology, University.




Professional reference will be provided upon request.